Pruning/Cutting of Bushes in Beacon Hill

Recently, it was brought to the Board’s attention that three Cherry Laurels, which were planted to hide the unattractive electric meters, were basically cut down – two of them to a height of 2 ½-3’. These bushes were planted by the Association as part of our landscaping project. They are on common property and are the property of the Association, not any homeowner who lives nearby. The homeowner involved in the cutting of the bushes has agreed to pay for their replacement. We have stated numerous times that the common landscaping is on a pruning schedule, and that homeowners or residents are not permitted to do any pruning, cutting down, or removal of plantings in the common areas. The only areas that can be gardened by residents are official Private Beds, which have been approved by the Association and Village Shires. The Beacon Hill Condominium Regulations will be changed to reflect the above information. Specifically, Item V. LANDSCAPING, #1 will now read “The planting, pruning, or removal of any perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, or any other plants is prohibited, except in the area of an approved private bed. Owners will be charged the cost of any necessary remediation if they fail to comply with this rule.” Should you have any issues regarding the plantings, please contact the office. We are aware that we lost many small bushes during the recent dry spell. They will be replaced, so you do not have to call about those. Please be patient while we get on our landscaper’s schedule for this work. Thank you for helping to keep our community a pleasant place to live. Sincerely, Beacon Hill Board

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Electric Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Hazard - Notice from Northampton Fire Marshal

It is recommended that all residents within Village Shires review the condition of their bathroom fans as soon as possible.

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